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How to Organize an Event Checklist

How to Organize an Event Checklist

Everybody needs to have some fun every now and then, right? And what's more fun than attending an event? You guessed it right - organizing one! I know you already got chills and what not thinking of how strenuous it is to throw a party. Well, I won't lie that it isn't. Heck, you might even get a good headache from the whole experience. But we have have a little not-so-secret secret for you to ease the experience.

Create an event checklist.

Yes, that's it. No waving feathers or snapping fingers; just the good old checklist solution. With an event checklist, everything you need to accomplish before the D-day will be in one document. This will allow you to approach the entire task in a more organized manner leaving you to have nothing but fun during this experience. It will also keep you from forgetting vital details which is quite common when overwhelmed with work.

But how can you come up with the perfect event checklist? 

event checklist

The Event Checklist Summary

Here is a summary of what you might need to include on your checklist when organizing an event:

  1. Have your goals and objectives in check
  2. Narrow down the dates and then chose a specific one
  3. Draw your budget
  4. Brand the event and start publicizing it
  5. Look for sponsorship and speakers
  6. Launch ticket sales
  7. Coordinate with your suppliers
  8. Execution
  9. Make follow-ups

Now that you have an overview of what you should include on your checklist, let us break down the details to get a clear picture of how to organize an event checklist. Every step will need a separate checklist that builds up to the main one.

Four to Six Months to the Event

Unless an event is a last-minute idea, always start planning for your event as early as six months before. This will allow you the time to make sure that no stone is left unturned. At this point you need to:

  • State your vision and objective
  • Build the event checklist
  • Select the date
  • Look for possible venues (Have two or three options and then narrow down to the main one)
  • Estimate your costs
  • Build an event’s committee (Make sure you cover every critical area)
  • Launch the publicity plan
  • Ticketing
  • Make an early bird offer on the tickets

event checklist

Two to Four Months to the Event

As the months get closer, you are likely to get even busier with the event. At this point, you will need to:

  • Deal with all financial concerns. This includes legal fees, venue deposits, and finalize sponsor levels.
  • Make sure every team has all the needed resources.
  • Cater to your speakers. You will need to plan their traveling and accommodation if they are not local and ensure they confirm their availability.
  • Logistics and venue. All licenses need to be available, review security needs, and create a floor plan.
  • Go huge with marketing. At this point, you should have your banner out with details on what attendees should expect. If it is a baby shower or special birthday, send out the invitations.
  • Start outsourcing suppliers. Make sure your suppliers are not booked on your reserved date. They include tent and table suppliers and decor, such as balloon garlands and flowers.

A Month to the Event

Intensify your work on all the listed checks in the previous subheading. You will need to keep a continuous conversation with your speakers and sponsors to make sure they remain on board. This is also where you have a clear summary of all your suppliers if you are yet to narrow them down.

A week to the Event

  • Follow up with every committee member to make sure they are ready for your big day.
  • Make sure you pay all supplier deposits
  • If you need a media team, include them on marketing
  • Ensure that all guests have confirmed their attendance
  • Finalize on the seating plan for weddings and parties
  • Every equipment needs to arrive the day before the event
  • Brief your volunteers or ushers

event checklist

The Event’s Day

Most event planners are often tensed up on the D-day. If you have run through your checklist all along, you will not have much to worry about. However, always remain prepared for surprises. Most parties never lack those.

  • Make sure every team member gets to the venue on time
  • Have a brief with your team before everyone else arrives
  • Your sponsors, speakers, and guests should be attended to at all times
  • Run the event like the pro you are

After the Event

Finally, everything you took months to plan for has come to an end, and hopefully, you have achieved every one of your objectives. At this point, you need to finish up payments of any service that is still pending. If it is an official event, you can do a follow-up survey to get constructive feedback.

That’s it! That is how an event checklist looks like. Follow it to the core, and you will organize an event that people will talk about for months.

Are you planning to have an event and would like a few pointers? Chat with us today for more insights.

Do you have any more event checklist hacks you would like to share? Let us know in the comment section.

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