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8 Spectacular Baby Shower Theme Ideas for Boys

8 Spectacular Baby Shower Theme Ideas for Boys

Did someone just say it's a boy? Okay hold your horses, I'm about to get overly excited ladies! A baby is always a blessing and boy don't we love celebrating newborns! Now let's gather around and throw this little ninja an unforgettable baby shower. Baby boys are often associated with a lot of play, meaning a boy's baby shower cannot have anything less than a playful theme.

Wondering how to go about it? Feel free to apply the old blue theme to the shower that has for centuries now been tied with the boy child, or dare to mix and match some amazing colors and make them all pop!

With so many themes out there, I decided to narrow down to eight of my favorite baby shower themes for boys. They are quite simple to pull off and definitely fun. Here we go.

Woodland and Jungle Baby Shower

The animal kingdom blended with the jungle always works natural magic that makes guests remain alive at a shower. Your color combinations could be brown and jungle green. You can have different animal dolls and sculptures plus stalks to bring the woodland-feel home. Some people will go for a monkey theme to represent life in the jungle, which is amazing.

When it comes to catering, bananas and nuts can take center stage. However, be careful with nuts since there are people who might be allergic. A jungle diaper cake will have an authentic theme blend too.

Panda Bear

For some reason, a baby boy is often associated with teddy bears. The panda would be a great expression since it is both cute and fierce. That goes without saying that your choice of colors here would be black and white. You can have a black and white balloon garland at several corners of the house and the panda bear decorated banners.

Cookies and cupcakes with panda faces look so adorable, so try to make them possible. Also, have cookies with black and white candy inside them to complement your dessert. A perfect game would be hiding and seek. Pandas always love finding hidden preys in the jungle.

Little Gentleman Shower Theme

Think of how a gentleman dresses and you will get the entire picture of what to have for the décor of such a baby shower theme idea for boys. I love how cookies can take on the shape of tuxes, cardigans, and shirts. The bowtie will probably be the highlight of most details in your setting. You do not have to use black or blue, although traditionally these are the colors that stand out for such a theme. Try something different, even burgundy and dark grey.

baby shower for boys

Male Superheroes

How can anyone run out of ideas when it comes to baby showers themes for boys and superheroes. From batman to superman, you will have something to work with. Better so, you can make it the avengers' theme and have all the marvel male superheroes designed on cookies and cupcakes. The best colors here would be red, black, gold, and blue. Masqueraded guests in different capes will perfectly participate in the theme. Superhero bingo and quiz are amazing games for the party.

Cowboy Party

Get your inspiration from the west and have a cowboy party with rustic décor. The common colors used here are brown, blue, red, and cream. Your table mats and paper cloths can be either red and cream just like the café décor in the west or go for options with cowboy boots prints. Other décor accessories include scattered hay, wheat stems, cacti pots, and toy ponies.

Food ideas will be a lot of burgers and cake pops plus bottled drinks. A pinata will help add mystery to the party and do not forget to use country music for entertainment.

A Trip to the Stars

Take a trip to space by having space ships, the stars and other heavenly bodies inspiring your theme. This will play out magically for an evening party, and you can even have it as a pool party with planet balls on the water to symbolize the sky. Use confetti balloons with golden confetti stars which all the guests can pop at the climax of the shower.

Star cookies with the name 'baby' written on them will look amazing, and the cake can take the shape of the sun or the moon. Planet pops are also a great idea. This theme can have aliens, spaceships, astronauts, and many other galaxies inspired toys and décor. You are limitless.

Sweet Dreams

Another way to have stars in a baby shower theme idea for boys is having the sweet dreams theme. This could even be a pajama party or an overnight celebration. The moon and the stars will mark every aspect of your décor here, and the cake can have a pajama design. Music and games should play around the night as guests embrace the peace and joy of the moment.

Cars and Trucks

My final theme in the top eight is the car and trucks as a baby shower theme idea for boys. The best part of this theme is that the mother will not have to think about toys for a long time since many guests will want to pack either a car or a truck for gifts. Yellow, red and black will work well here, and the cake will look amazing as a car or truck.

Let us know what you think about these themes in the comment section and feel free to add more themes as well.

Planning a baby shower is fun, and we are always ready to help you make it spectacular. Contact us today.

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