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Shop your custom balloon garland kits here.
Shop your custom balloon garland kits here.

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  • Custom Balloon Garland & Arch kiit
    January 4, 2023

    All About Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kits: Choosing Colors to Match Your Party Theme Perfectly

    Have you ever planned a party and had a clear and specific vision for your party decorations but struggled to find a pre-packed DIY balloon garland kit that would match your party theme exactly? I've been there.

    In this blog post, I'll be sharing four quick tips on ordering a custom DIY balloon garland kit. I'll also be helping you choose colors for your DIY balloon garland by offering some color suggestions for the most popular party themes.

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  • Christmas essentials
    November 29, 2022

    10 Christmas decorations to spice up your home

    If you’re a little on the sentimental side (like us!), you probably return to the same holiday decorations every year. There’s nothing wrong with returning to the classics, after all! And it’s a great way to incorporate old Christmas memories....

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  • learn how to make a starburst ballooon
    November 15, 2022

    How to Make a Starburst Balloon in 5 Minutes: 3 Easy Steps

    An easy DIY tutorial on how to make a glamorous starburst balloon. We hope this blog post has given you the confidence to go ahead and make a fabulous starburst balloon at your next party or special occasion. It's a simple, affordable, and fun way to glam up your party.
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  • How to choose party favors
    October 13, 2022

    How to Choose Party Favors

    Answer these 5 questions, and you can pick out the best party favors for your event – birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, bridal shower, and more!  


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  • lady with calculator in front of balloon garland
    August 24, 2022

    Price of Balloon Arches, Garlands and Accessories

    If you’ve seen a balloon garland (also called a balloon arch) on social media and been struck by immediate party envy, you’re not alone. Balloon garlands are trending everywhere, and with good reason: they’re stunning, customizable, and a complete showstopper...

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  • taking photos at a party
    July 3, 2022

    How to take Better Photos at your Party on a Budget

    You might think you need the most expensive photography equipment to take better photos. Well, that's not the case. This blog post will reveal the recipe for taking better pictures without breaking the bank. Some of the tips shared in this post you haven't heard of before.
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