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6 Virtual Gift Ideas

6 Virtual Gift Ideas

The current corona virus pandemic has left us with no option but to get quite creative with our celebrations and gift-giving. With birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations passing us by, I decided to come up with ways to gift your loved ones and show them that they're in your thoughts without having to physically attend. 

The secret to a virtual gift is finding what your loved one would enjoy most and have it either delivered to their doorstep, or get them a gift voucher to shop online. Therefore, as we list down the best 6 gifts, keep in mind that you know this person best, thus, you know what gift would make them happy.

Here are six virtual gift ideas that will help you can steal for your next gift.

virtual gift ideas

Personalized Video Shout Outs

Don't be plain and boring with normal thank you Gifs. Take this experience a notch higher by personalizing your message using Cameo. The platform allows you to select a proper celebrity personality and use them as the heart for your message. Cool right! Payments vary depending on the personality you pick, and you can always find out your guest's favorite celebrity and use them for your shout out.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be personalized with unique messages and are much better than handing cash over. They also allow the receiver to choose the gifts they like, so you dont have to. Shop Shimmer & Confetti gift cards here.

amazon gift card

Discounts to Future Events

You might be on a low budget and not all virtual gifts ideas have to cost you a lot. Offering a discount to your next event as a way of appreciating outstanding individuals is a great idea. You will not only make them feel appreciated, but you will also encourage them to look forward to your future events. This is a win-win for everyone.

Virtual Gym Memberships

With so much time on our hands and unscheduled eating hours, many people are opting for virtual gym memberships. Why not encourage your guests to get on their feet and get active for an hour every day by gifting them a virtual gym membership?

This virtual gift idea can be as diverse as the many fitness lessons there are in the world today. From Zumba to aerobics or simple tone ups, you can find something that best represents your event's brand.

Video Streaming Subscriptions

When you do not have the option of going out as you please, one of the best ways to get your mind occupied is by streaming online movies, series, and documentaries. Netflix, Disney Plus and Hulu are having a Heyday with more people subscribing to their services.

Let your guests know that you want them to have fun during this lock-down by linking them with a one- or two-month subscription. You can always choose a platform that you feel it's appropriate for your audience.

Food Delivery Vouchers

If there's a service that has come to the rescue of many people who love to eat out, this is it. Now that eating out is not an option, you can always order in and still enjoy your favorite fast food thanks to Uber Eats, Postmates, and DoorDash. Gifting your guests with a food delivery voucher will surely look like a thoughtful gesture.

virtual gift ideas

Show Some Love, Even Virtually

Virtual gift ideas are not restricted to official events and business meetings. Whether it's a baby shower, a birthday that you could not attend or are too late to send a physical gift, this is a smart fall back plan.

We have a wide range of party favors to let your guest know that you care. Feel free to shop with us today.

What other virtual gift ideas do you have in mind? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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