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7 Unique Gender Reveal Party Theme Ideas

7 Unique Gender Reveal Party Theme Ideas

The more the years pass by, the more we come up with new things to make merry over. Such is the case with the gender reveal parties. A couple of years ago, finding out the baby's gender involved a quick trip to the ob-gyn's office. These days though, it is a fun excuse to get together with friends. And, of course, I am so here for it!

I love the mystery that comes with a gender reveal party. As you plan to host one, it is always beautiful to keep the mystery alive in a fun way. I believe this is the main essence of all such parties.

Wondering how to host a fun, fab the best gender reveal party? Worry no more.

These seven gender reveal party theme ideas will offer you the best place to start.

Gender reveal party themes

Pop the Belly

When I think about the pop belly theme, I can't help but see amazing ways to bring out such a theme. First, you can have balloon garlands with pregnant belly cutouts littered across it. Blend both blue and pink to bring out the either-or kind of feeling. Cupcakes and cookies can also have the belly image to make sure that you incorporate the theme in every aspect including the décor and catering.

After all the guests arrive and the couple is finally ready to announce the gender, have everyone get a balloon and pop them together. One of the balloons has the secret of course, and the person who gets the right balloon helps the couple cut their cake.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Remember the childhood song, twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are? This is the perfect kind of song for such a party. A child is a new star coming into the world, and no one knows which gender it is at this point. This gender reveal party theme idea can have a night setting with stars everywhere.

Use table cloths and drapes with stars art. The cake and dessert designs need the same theme too. To make it more fun, use blue and pink confetti to spray the room during the great announcement as everyone cheers and celebrates.

Color Fight Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal party theme idea does not have to be indoors with a formal setting. You can take the fun outside and have a color fight. Think of how beautiful it will be dancing in the color sprays and enjoying the moment in celebration of a new child. In this case, the catering and décor setting can be quite diverse. I'd like to still keep pink and blue alternating in different aspects of the party, but some people go with neutral colors such as purple which is just as beautiful!

Stashes or Lashes

Stashes if it is a boy and lashes if it is a girl. This concept can be as creative as you want it to be. From the photo booth accessories to the dessert and cupcakes. You can even turn it to a masquerade party with gents having differently designed stashes masks and ladies, lashes masks. Like the other themes, you can decide to stick with blue and pink or spice up the mystery with neutral colors such as gold or silver.

Bow or Bowtie

Kids always look adorable in bows and bowties, which makes this theme so dreamy and amazing. You can fill cookies with blue or pink sweets or have a pinata with toys and candy in it for the particular gender and then ask guests to take a turn in hitting it. The person who hits it till it breaks and reveals the gender is the hero of the day.

What Will It Bee?

I’ve witnessed a couple of what-will-it-bee gender reveal parties and they are always amazing. I particularly love them for breaking the blue and pink monotony and being associated with honey. Black and yellow is a charming color combination and also tends to sprinkle in some sunlight. A sense of a new dawn in a couple’s life. Throw in some honey pot favors for extra charm!

Buck or Doe

How about bringing some enchantment or a journey into the woods for a gender reveal party theme idea? A gold theme works best in this case, combined with lights and stalks. The glow will keep the enchantment alive and, in any case, kids have a way of lighting everyone’s heart.

There you have it - my top seven gender reveal party theme ideas that will give you an out of this world experience. Let me know which one of these gave you a must-try feeling in the comment section.

Do you want to throw an amazing gender reveal party? We have what you need. Contact us today.

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