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How to Choose an Event Theme

How to Choose a Party Theme

Who doesn't love a well-themed party? First of all, it’s fun. Secondly, you will spend less time thinking about what to wear. The event theme already gives you several options. Thirdly, themed parties feel like mini-festivals even when they aim to serve other purposes.

The road to such fun has to start from somewhere, and in many cases, it is in deciding which event theme ideas work best. Here's how to come up with fantastic party themes.

Personalize a Concept

Just because you are planning a party for your friends or work does not mean it has to feel burdensome. The fun can begin from the start by choosing a party theme that feels personal. This way, you will enjoy every process. Also, creativity will not be an issue since ideas will flow from a part of you that you love.

An easy way to go about it is by asking yourself what kind of parties you would love to host or attend. Imagine how it will look and how people will feel being part of such creativity. Shortlist these ideas and then counter-check with the party's purpose.

how to choose an event theme

Evaluate Already Existing Event Themes

Being an artist, an event planner, or any other person who loves creativity is all about 'stealing' existing work and making them your own. Sometimes you will not have the chance to brainstorm for an event theme from scratch. On such occasions, look for what is already available and try to add a touch of your personality to make it unique.

You will find different event theme ideas online, which you can easily pull off or even go with suggestions from friends and colleagues who admire someone else's work. The most significant advantage is that most party supplies such as balloons and party favors are readily available in the market.

Get More Specific

Event themes feel more real and sophisticated when they are specific. Anyone can have a general idea, but only people who are great at the party planning business can get into the details and make a party feel more abstract. This does not mean that everyone wears the same outfit. In fact, when the theme is more specific, people can come up with different ways of fitting in.

An excellent example of a general theme is 'a costume party.' There are different ways of playing this out, and it could even get confusing. However, when you bank on a theme such as 'Angels and Demons,' it feels more thought-through and fun.

Dig Past the Décor

One mistake you can easily make is only thinking about the décor when you are looking to choose an event theme. While the décor could be a great place to start, it is essential to factor in other aspects. Think about what the guests will wear and also how the catering will fit into the theme.

A theme such as ‘sparkle and shine’ is easy to plan since you know the décor will have a touch of glitter and sparkly balloons. Food will include pastry with silver, and shining elements and champagne always has a place for a sparkly event.

Sync with a Venue

A party venue can either work for or against your theme. Therefore, it is a great idea to always factor in where the event will take place before you conclude on event theme ideas. For example, it will be absurd to have a theme that needs a lot of space scheduled to take place in a rustic barn. The same way you cannot have a sleek museum hosting a grease themed party.

Always Aim to make it Fun

The main aim of coming up with event theme ideas is to find the best way to keep it fun and involving. Not all themes are ecstatic. A great way of killing a good vibe is coming up with a fantastic idea but for the wrong audience. The elderly tend to appreciate less involving party themes, while teenagers cannot stand an event that does not spike their adrenaline.

how to choose an event theme

Bonus Point: Do a Reality Check

After all is said and done, the final question is whether the theme you choose realistically aligns with the timing, audience, and budget. We could brainstorm all day about fantastic party themes, but if our options fall out in one of the three aspects, we will always get back to the drawing board.

A reality check helps you save on time and resources. It is okay to dream and imagine big but not at the expense of your budget. Ask yourself questions such as; Does the audience’s energy match with this event theme? Are the timing and season right for this idea? Do we have the budget to pull it off?

Are you looking for a place to get supplies for your amazing party theme? Get in touch. We would love to help.

Have more tips on how to come up with a great event theme? Let us know in the comments below.

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