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7 Best Themes for Adult Birthday Parties

7 Best Themes for Adult Birthday Parties

Many say adults shouldn’t celebrate birthdays, but that is the most misleading thing ever. Since adulthood comes with a lot of responsibilities such as work, bills and family, it’s essential that you take a day off and have some fun whenever possible. What better way to do that than on your birthday?

There are so many ways to make your birthday party fun; considering it only happens once a year, it’s good to go all out and make it as unforgettable as possible. One way of achieving this, is by planning a themed birthday party. Yes, themes are not only for children. There are several adult party themes that you can try out. Let’s list down a few.

Inner Child

Yes, a birthday cake, candles, confetti and party hats can be a part of your birthday even at the age of fifty. The best way to celebrate an old age is by being young one more time. Everyone has an inner child, and this means candy canes and bubbles too. With this theme, get young and colorful outfits like Cinderella dresses and Mickey Mouse shorts.

As for decorations, get yourself some orange and blue balloon garlands, adult-sized ball pits, and slides to make it fun. Get glitter and encourage everyone to do some face painting. Dance to music and remind each other of childhood memories. You have to keep in touch with your younger self.

adult party themes

Time Travelers

If you want to go limitless on a costume event and still rock a great adult theme party, the time travelers would be a great way to do it. People can get inspiration from both past, present, and future characters. You will see ancient Egypt wear, dinosaurs, and even pop icons. There is no other place that such diverse expressions can find a way to blend in.

Masquerade party Theme

For some reason, a masquerade party always turns out chic. It is a sleek choice yet still giving you a chance to explore ancient fashion and sometimes blend it with modern red-carpet wear. The possibilities are unlimited, even when it comes to décor and venues. You can choose to have different sub-themes such as vampire variation or Venetian ball. These parties are not limited to seasons.

adult theme party ideas

Pirates Shipwreck

There is no doubt you will have fun creating costumes and planning for this party. The pirates' theme is a traditional theme that works for all ages. Adults will have a great time preparing for something other than their daily work routines. You can have cupcakes decorated with a pirate's faces and use black, red, and white as color schemes for the décor. Include a treasure hunt game to make the event more involving and have gifts for the winning team.

London Calling

Time to give adults the chance to cross over to the other side of the world and feel the London culture. Royalty in Britain has always been something that people admire, which is why many associate fairy tales with London and its environs. Planning a London inspired adult party will include having traditional British food and using canopies for décor. People can dress like the royal family and have a moment imagining themselves in castles.

Glitter Gala

You can never run out the admiration for glitter no matter how old you get. A Glitter Gala is a perfect adult theme for both summer and winter seasons. The shimmers and sparkle make everything look dreamy. This can also be a fantastic theme for a fundraiser and does not have to be all formal. You can spice it up by daring bearded men to add glitter on their beards during the no-shave November.

adult birthday theme ideas

Victorian-era Gothic

There are several ways to explore the Victorian-era gothic adult theme. You can decide to go with the Cinderella dreamy fairy theme with a touch of black evil step-mother blend or use a traditional feel with old furniture and frames. It is all about how people remember the Victorian era, so let the guests get as creative as they wish. The catering team can dress as butlers and Victorian maids to complement the theme.

Forget Your Age and Feel Free

Don’t forget that you only live once. Let loose and have fun by planning and attending amazing adult theme parties. Explore as much as you want, and do not let your age dictate how you will get in touch with your playful self. These themes will make sure you have the adult party of a lifetime. I hope you have fun utilizing them.

Are you planning to throw an unforgettable adult theme party soon, yet not sure where to start? Tell us what you are planning HERE, and we will help you come up with some amazing ideas.

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