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10 Seriously Cool Teen Birthday Party Ideas

10 Seriously Cool Teen Birthday Party Ideas

It’s one thing to plan a party for a two or three-year-old and a whole different experience when planning a party once the kids hit their teen years. All teens want to prove that they are no longer kids at this time of their lives. The age makes teen birthday party ideas a bit more complicated. You also want to gain the trophy of being a cool parent, which makes the situation even more intense.

The truth is, you do not have to shed hair as you stress over the perfect teen birthday party places. These fresh ideas will make it easier for you to plan accordingly.

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    • An Emoji Themed Party

      Who in this century doesn't love emojis? If you are keen on how teens communicate, many at times, you will see more emojis than words. For this reason, an emoji themed party promises a lot of fun. The best part is that you will not have to think of which trinkets to go with as emojis are available in hundreds of numbers. You can have balloons with emoji faces all over the place, emoji cupcakes, and even emoji themed photo booths.

    • A Night Game Party

      There is always something exciting about having a party in the night. Dark themes are easy to explore, night games are countless, and teen kids love it. Hire a good speaker if you do not have one at home and allow the kids to plan their playlist. Have plenty of drinks in the cooler and all types of snacks. Most importantly, make sure your neighbors are aware and okay with it, so you do not step on the wrong toes on a night supposed to be fun.A group of young people celebrating and making party at home Premium Photo

    • Instagram Party Theme

      A lot of kids love photoshoots mostly to update their Instagram accounts. If you include your teen’s love of good photos to their party, wouldn’t that be amazing? A Snap Chat themed party could also work. Have a professional photographer around and also find a way to make the uploads almost instantaneous. To kill the boredom of one attire, you can have your kid’s friends come with a change of clothes.

    • A Candy Themed Party

      Coming up with a candy-themed party is an excellent idea since kids love sweets. Also, it is easy to come up with decorations for the party. You do not need color restrictions as candies come in different flavors. There are several ways to incorporate sweets in games, so that too is a big plus. Select high-energy music. Remember, too many sweets will get the kids quite active; therefore, they will need music to back up the enthusiasm.friends eating - teen party ideas

    • A Photo Scavenger Hunt

      Scavenger hunts are fantastic for people of all ages. To make the party a bit teen-centered, you can add a photo theme. Make the day exciting by getting participants to go to the mall or generally outside and get images of the 26 letters of the alphabet. The idea is possible since most kids now have smartphones with cameras. The winner is one who gets them all within the shortest time. Have a lot of fantastic prizes and fun food waiting when the kids get back.

    • An Outdoor Movie Party

      Coming together for movies has always been something that kids love to do. With this as a theme for your teen's party, you can try to make it a bit classical by taking it outside. Ask all guests to carry a blanket or beanbag to get them comfortable on the grass. After the movies, give the kids time to mingle and relax, then cut the cake before the gifts.girls in a dark room watching a mover - teen party ideads

    • Glittering Cool Teenage Party Ideas

      Glittering is a perfect theme for your daughter's teen birthday party. You can see it as an upgrade from princess or unicorn parties. The idea is to have as much sparkle as you can. From the décor to the cake design, everything should have glitters. The theme comes together more excitingly in the night. Foods to accompany such an idea include frozen grapes and sparkling cider. You can also add other fun girl activities such as spa time and nail painting.

    • Beach Party

      If you live close to the beach, you are lucky enough to consider teen birthday party ideas at the beach. However, if you do not live close to a beach, you can still come up with a creative way to turn your back lawn into a beach-designed ground. Using longboards to replace surfboards is also doable. Kids can build castles using different materials and make bracelets using seashells bought from the store.people playing at the beach

    • Color Fight Party

      Have you ever come across color fight images? If yes, then you know how fun they look. Try hosting a mini color fight event for your kid's teen party and have different color pallets, so the party seems to be descending from the rainbow. Summers are amazing for such a theme, and there are many teen birthday party places to host the event. Have the camera in place to take images of the actions worth remembering about the party. Include colorful treats as well to match the theme.

    • A Road Trip for Teen Party

      Take the party away from home with a road trip party. Hire a bus or van depending on the number of kids on the attendance list. You can host the party on the bus as you tour the state or at a specific destination away from home. You can even go ice skating or a sports game depending on what your kid loves.

      Group tickets are often cheaper for most activities, and you can have other parents join you to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The cake cutting can be at the destination and unwrapping of gifts on the bus on your way back. This way, the entire trip is full of activities.Happy friends having fun in convertible car at sunset in vacation Premium Photo

Go All Out and Have Fun

Everyone comes to a party expecting to have fun, and this should be the main aim of all teen birthday party ideas you choose. Do not be afraid to go all out and have an outstanding theme. Your kid will appreciate and brag about you as the coolest parent in town.

Planning to have a cool teen party, but not sure where to begin? Contact us today for insights and awesome props.

Which of these cool teen birthday party ideas would you like to do on your next birthday? Let us know in the comment section.

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