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7 Amazing Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

7 Amazing Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

You're getting married, yay! And you know what the best part is? Throwing a bridal shower. Bridal showers always set the mood for the wedding; you spend time with your girls, chit chat and play games, reminisce about your journey and build castles in the air on what marriage will be like. It's like holding a party for the party! 

As your last day being an unmarried chica, your bridal shower cannot be anything but spectacular. You may want to plan your own shower or have your best maid plan it. There's really no solid rule to it, as long as the event is successful. 

The first thing to do is to come up with the theme for the shower. When exploring bridal shower theme ideas, you need to consider several facts, from the bride's taste to the selected colors on other aspects like outfits, cake and such. This means that possible ideas are quite diverse. Here's a list of seven of the most amazing bridal shower theme ideas that you can borrow.

 bridal shower themes

Champagne Brunch and Wine Tasting

I have never been to a girl's fun party that does not include champagne or wine. The bubbles always have a way of ushering you into a cheerful mood. You have a lot to talk about, and you will need the right drinks to keep the conversation not only going but also exciting and daring. Wine has a way of setting this kind of mood as well. Though it appears more chilled than a champagne brunch, wine tasting will bring out an intimate experience you and your girls will never forget.

bridal shower theme ideas

The Backyard Bliss

If you aim to have a casual and fun bridal shower theme idea, this would be a great pick. There are many ways to translate such a theme. You can utilize picnic mats and baskets to set the dining spot. For the photo booth, have balloon garlands around the booth's frame with a natural grass background. Leave enough space for outdoor games because you will be running around and enjoying yourselves most of the day.

If you want something a bit formal yet fun, the enchanted backyard can be a great theme. You will need to set tables and sit plus have an enchanted theme décor with lights and glitter everywhere. It will look spectacular.

Literal Shower at the Beach

We call this a bridal shower because we shower the bride with gifts and love as we usher her to her new life's phase. But what if you make it a literal shower by getting your bride to the beach. Just envision you running around looking amazing in your color-themed bikinis and rose flower headbands. You can have several beach games such as volleyball and tug of war, and hopefully, the bride's team will win all the games.

After playing you can have a candle-lit dinner under the stars, while you chat and make merry over thousands of memories.

Glam Pajama Party with a Bollywood Touch

Pajama parties are not new when it comes to bridal shower themes ideas. However, there are so many ways to pull it off. My favorite is a Bollywood bridal shower theme idea. Firstly, Indian gowns already have the pajama kind of feel, so it is easy for guests to get creative with what they choose to wear.

When it comes to food and drinks, you can do an indie-dish menu and have wine to accompany it. Games are unlimited, from the truth and dare to word games. Trust me; you will have no reason to take a minute of sleep.

bridal shower theme ideas

A Bridal Shower Road Trip

Let's take the fun to the road too. Hire a van, decorate it with balloons and flowers and have the driver take you to different stops for an amazing experience. You can also do this as an overnight bridal shower, where the van has dark lights, and you begin your night with a stop at the bar for champagnes.

The amazing part of this kind of party is that no one has to be worried about the caterer or room décor as you will move from one stop to another all night long. A hotel here, a dancing club there and say one of the girl’s houses as the final destination. You can open up bridal shower favors on the road and make fun of everything as you tour the city in the night.

Pancake and Panties Breakfast with the Bride

While many of us love the overnight kind of party, you can also extend the fun to the morning if you have time to sleep or have a morning party instead. The best timing for this is when the sun is just coming up so you can watch the rising sun together as you bond over a hot morning coffee. You can then make pancakes for breakfast as you play different games and enjoy the morning, feeling free and body positive in your undergarments.

Surprise the Bride and Have Fun

I could go on and on with this list, but these are the most phenomenal bridal shower theme ideas that give you the chance to explore the event in the most fun way possible. Feel free to let us know which of these caught your attention the most on the comment section.

Are you planning to throw a bridal shower soon and need more direction? Talk to us today.

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