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7 Unique Baby Shower Theme Ideas for Girls

7 Unique Baby Shower Theme Ideas for Girls

I know you're halfway-to-the-moon excited about being a bouncing baby girl into this world, and holding a baby shower is just the right way to set the mood.

Theme possibilities are endless, but here's the catch; you want to give people that wow feeling the minute they step into the party. I'm not saying that princess and plain pink themes aren't cute, but come on, let's get a bit unique and creative. You know, think different.

There's so much more you can do to spice things up. 

From color coordination to props and decorations, we have come up with the best theme ideas for organizing a baby shower for girls. Get as creative as you can with inspiration from our theme list and have all your loved ones enjoy with you the countdown to a mom's most precious moment in life.

baby shower themes for girls

Wonder Woman Super Hero Theme

What better theme is there in this time and age, other than inspiring a superwoman experience. There are two ways to plan this. You can either make the mother the superwoman or ascribe the identity to the baby. Blue, red, and gold are the perfect colors, and you can have balloons full of gold confetti to make the venue look superb.

For the food and dessert, have cookies shaped like superhero masks and the cake, a superhero suit. A charades game would be the perfect entertainment with guests guessing different female superhero names.

Flower Power Theme

There are so many flowers in the world, and I wonder why we only pay attention to specific ones such as roses and sunflowers. How about you bring the wonder of a lovely flower combination to a baby shower. Given that girls are associated with the beauty of a flower, this baby shower theme idea for girls is an excellent pick.

You can take the party outside near a flower garden or decorate the house with different flowers. I can already imagine the diversity of sweet-scented flowers in one room. Balloon banquets are also amazing décor choices or even a diapers banquet.

If the parents are comfortable naming the child at this point, the guests can help them choose a perfect name based on different flower inspirations.

Little Miss Sunshine

Yellow is an amazing, glorious color, and the sun always symbolizes new dawn. You can blend the yellow with grey or black so that it is not too bright and then use real sunflowers to bring out a fairy kind of setting. When it comes to food and dessert, have cookies and candy with the sun face and do lemonade for drinks.

Tutu Cute Baby Shower

You might still get the push to have something similar to a princess or fairy for a baby shower theme idea for girls. This is very okay, but you can give it a different angle by calling it a tutu cute baby shower. The décor will definitely need a lot of tulles, ballet slippers designs, and tiaras. Colors to work with include different shades of pink and purple. A lot of dancing both slow and party fast will help sustain the excitement.

Night’s Sky Baby Shower

The night is always dreamy with the moon and stars making you feel one with the universe. Have a baby shower theme idea for girls that includes different heavenly bodies. This is also a perfect theme for a unisex baby shower.

Many people use the moon and stars alone, but you can have the nine planets to make your shower unique. Different cookies can take on any of the shapes of heavenly bodies, and the cake can look like the night sky with blue and golden stars. Question trivia on the galaxy will serve as the perfect game for the party.

Mother Earth

Mother nature has always been a universal illustration of fertility and feminine energy. Different shades of green will be the best color scheme for this idea, and you can incorporate different flowers to have a lovely shower décor. When it comes to catering, what better menu would merge into the theme than a vegan diet? Guests can dress like nature princes and princesses with ladies having green and yellow flower bands.

One Cloud Nine

Take the baby shower to the clouds by having one cloud nine baby shower theme. This setting blends perfectly near a pool, and you can have clear umbrellas well-hanged upside down or float on the pool. White, grey, and blue bring out the sky view, which can play out in many aspects of the décor. Hand bands with a cloud designed corsage would be the perfect accessories for guests.

You can do this under the sun during the day which allows the sun to reflect its light gracefully on the umbrellas, or have it in the night and use light bulbs around the umbrellas.

Bonus Theme Idea: Animal Inspired Themes

As you might have noted, a lot of these baby shower theme ideas for girls are nature-inspired. Animals are a huge part of nature, and so many of them work with female authenticity. From flamingos to unicorns, you can choose an animal and make it the shower central theme. Every other aspect of the décor and catering will easily pick on your animal choice.

Now you have all the ideas you need to surprise your mom-to-be to tears. Let us know on the comment section, which of these ideas you would love to try or which other ideas you have on an outstanding baby shower theme for girls.

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