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10 Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Hello Fall and the exciting countdown to Halloween!


I'm sure you're already getting a costume (or ten) and what not for this 'festive' horror holiday. However, if you're one of those still not in the mood for a celebration or haven't yet figured out how you'd like to spend your Halloween, worry not, this guide will give you some good ideas to get you started.

With the wrecking ball that 2020 dropped on us, we can't just sit back and let more holidays pass us by. Get everyone at home, up and planning for the best Halloween party your life has ever seen!

I mean who doesn’t love an incredible Halloween party and more so, one with a theme creepy enough to get your anticipation wild?

The beauty about this time of the year is that the weather is just right (in most areas), holidays are yet to start, so there's that edgy frenzy yet not too gaged up, and it’s not a time to think about presents so, no pressure. Let’s get all deviled raved and get some monsters out of the closet with these incredible Halloween party theme ideas.

Halloween Party Theme Ideas

Creepy Crawlers Party

Anytime I think about a crawling creature, the snake and spider never miss in my imaginations. We all know the season is about scarily having unlimited fun, so why not bring the creepy creatures along. Guests can go all out with hundreds of ways to custom make a creepy crawler’s suit. From masks to printed t-shirts and jackets; I mean, costumes will not be a problem.

A Haunted Pitchfork Dinner

To all my buddies who enjoy an enthralling barbeque, here’s a theme that will keep you burning those pork chops all afternoon in the Halloween mood. Find ways to have scary cutlery themed décor to match the party’s name. If you were to merge this theme with a celebration, the cake could take the shape of a skull with a fork dug deep into the brain area.

Fang and Claw Halloween Party

The name vampire is sort of overrated at this point. To kill the boredom, use the fang and claw Halloween party theme idea. This way, your costume and décor options become unlimited. How many fanged creatures can you think about? Exactly, there are several of them so you can allow your guests to play around with their imaginations. From vampires to wild cats and wolves; go big or go home.

Halloween Party Themes

Black Cat Boogies

There’s just something hair-raising about black cats, especially in horror movies. What better way to name a Halloween dance than bringing the black cat home? We all know that witches love them, so the theme could take that witchy angle as well. Black and a dash of blue seem to be the best colors here or dark purple. Cat-inspired masks and costumes will work their magic, and your balloon garland could have black cat faces alternatively to bring out your theme.

Princess and Pumpkins

Lucky to all the young girls born around Halloween, you can hold a princess and pumpkin-themed party. I can already smell the fun around this one. Firstly, an ideal color choice should be something around white, orange, and light pink. You got the game corner covered since pumpkin carving will be the highlight of the event. Maybe the best curve could get a party favor for a gift.

Beauty and the Beast Ball

Although it's Halloween, there's still some room for a fairy dream. Beauty and the beast is a great pick, and who said it has to mean the ancient story we have grown to believe literally. There's a silent catch here; if everyone can resonate with the beauty and the beast within themselves, this theme becomes timeless.

You could try to illustrate your angle on your banners by having a two-faced portrait. Everyone else could try and find the best way to elaborate on their vices and virtues while appreciating them in the process. Damn! Who knew Halloween could turn into an inspirational festival?

Halloween Party Themes

Freaks and Fairytales Festival

Here's another blend of dreams and dares, creepy yet cuddly. I find the best way to pull this one off is by asking, how would it be if the heroes in our favorite fairy tales were villains instead. You can even merge both the devil and the angel in one costume. It's a classical expression. Else, go all out with a costume party and let the guests make the theme come alive. Trust me; you will love the blend.

A Broomstick Bizarre

Harry Potter lovers will get cozy around this one. With broomsticks being the highlight of your décor, you could incorporate an enchanted forest theme and even the dark night Halloween party theme idea to blend everything. From deserts to cutlery branding, the broomstick, bats, and a witch’s hat will find a place in all aspects of the party. I hope not every guest will bring a broomstick to the party. That would be a hilarious similarity to watch. Again, may the best costume win.

Leaves and Lights Night

A dance party under the stars will work just right with this theme. Outdoor events are so dreamy in the night, and Halloween could be the best time to blend nature and lights in an enchanting way. If you are not lucky to find an outdoor space for the day, you could still do a ballroom, dim the lights, and have leaves-shaped DIY paper cuts. Creativity always saves the night.

The Death Card Affair

This list wouldn’t be complete without a death-inspired Halloween party theme idea. The tarot death card is a unique and ideal highlight for such a theme. From grave-inspired décor to a medium’s room inspired setting, go all out with something unique. Glittering drapes and lights might be an amazing pick as well.

Haunt them into Reserving

You don't have to sound all gothic and dark to come up with a great Halloween party theme idea. However, remember that people will always go for the most capturing and promising event, so get creative and spooky if you must. What other Halloween party themes have you worked with in the recent past? Let us know in the comment section.

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halloween ballloon garland

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