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Shop your custom balloon garland kits here.
Shop your custom balloon garland kits here.
How to transport a balloon garland

How to Transport a Balloon Garland

One question we get asked often is:

"How do I transport my balloon garland?"

There are many reasons why you may need to move your assembled balloon garland from one location to another:

  1. You are an event planner and are booked for multiple events on the same day. You do not have the luxury of time to install the balloon garlands at the venue for each event. You may want to make your balloon garlands at home the day before or a few days before and then, on the day, deliver and install the balloon garlands at their various locations.
  2. You are a DIY-party mom or dad hosting a party at a venue away from your home and would like to pre-assemble your party balloon garland one or several days prior to the party since it may not be feasible to spend 1-3 hours at the venue decorating.

In most cases, it is not feasible to create and install your balloon garland at the venue. 

So, how would you safely transport your balloon garland to your party venue?

Before I continue, I would like to let you know that we have a wide range of balloon garlands here


 Here is how to transport your balloon garland.

You'll Need:

  1. Landscaping bags or wheeler bin bags (i.e. the really really big trash bags). Clear bags are best for this as you can see their contents without ripping them open.
  2. Balloons (of course!)
  3. Fishing line

If you purchased a kit from Shimmer & Confetti, you would have received fishing line in your kit. 

If you are only building a small balloon garland of about 5 feet, then you may be able to fully assemble your balloon garland offsite. If you are making a balloon garland longer than 5 feet, you would need to build and transport your balloon garland in smaller clusters and then assemble the clusters at the venue.

Simply joining the clusters together would take no more than 30 minutes and would save you over 2 hours of installation time which you can use for other important party planning tasks.


how to transport a balloon garland in bin bags

  1. Build your balloon garland in 3-5 foot clusters. Learn how to build a balloon garland here. Learn how to inflate your balloons here.
  2. Put each cluster in a bin bag. Depending on the size of the bags you have, you may be able to fit a 3-5 foot garland in each bag. You should build a 3-foot cluster and try to fit this into a bag. If it fits with room to spare, you may increase the size of your clusters to 4 or 5 feet.
  3. Keep in mind the design and color arrangement you'd like for your balloon garland.
  4. Tie each bag and, if necessary, label the bags. Make sure the bags are closed tightly to prevent the balloons from oxidizing and losing their shiny surface.
  5. Gently load your vehicle with as many bin bags as can fit. Remove any sharp objects which may cause the balloons to burst. The back seat is preferred for saloon cars because the trunk may get too hot, causing your balloons to expand and burst. If you are transporting the balloons in an SUV, then the trunk or back seat will suffice.
  6. Set the airconditioning in the car to a nice cool temperature.
  7. Once at the venue, offload the bags carefully.
  8. Assemble your balloon garland at your desired location

And there you have it! You have successfully built your balloon garland offsite and transported it to your venue. 

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