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Shop your custom balloon garland kits here.
4 Unforgettable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

4 Unforgettable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the world! We would not be here if it were not for you. This wish also goes to all guardians and dads who had to take up the 'mom' role in our lives. With just one international day for motherhood appreciation (and I hope you're celebrating the whole weekend with mom), it's worth fussing over and going above and beyond for these incredible humans. So as you pause your life for mom this weekend, I'm here to help you plan a fantastic surprise or just a perfect mother's day gift that'll be heartfelt, fun, and unforgettable.

DIY Photo Album

If you're planning to get a waterfall of tears (of joy) from your mother's eyes this Sunday, then create a DIY photo album for her. Nothing's more memorable than storing memories, right? Creating a homemade photo album is fun and creatively involving. You can play around with paper colors and wrappers, decorations such as ribbons, stickers, and glitter, and customize it into something your mom would like.

In this album, you'll attach photos of the best moments in which your mom was present. This is why we should always try to capture all events, activities, vacations, and family moments. In case you have the images online, print them out, resize and attach to the album. A great album idea would be to tell a story from the day you were born. Every page can have a photo and some handwritten messages or storytelling up to this current date. These messages can be 'thank you' notes as well. For example, your baby picture may have an accompanying message that says, "Thank you, mom, for bringing me into this world," and a bunch of 'thank you's' after.

diy photo album

Mother's Day Brunch

How about a nice, fancy meal to make mom feel loved and treasured? Now is the time to spoil your mom until your pockets complain. And no, I'm not talking about an outing, I'm talking about an all-time, hands-down unforgettable brunch. Okay, here are a few things you need to do and get.

  • Create a balloon garland and hang it on the wall in the dining table
  • Set up your dining table with 5-star cutlery organization
  • Hire a chef (don't take this lightly) and have them prepare mom's favorite meals, drinks, and snacks
  • Decorate the house from the main door and include confetti, centerpieces, banners, cut-outs, streamers, and more (go all out for her)
  • Have your mother's favorite songs playlist ready

    mothers day brunch

    The food and decor can only get better with some people around her. Gather your siblings to help celebrate Mother's Day with you. I believe that by now, you can already tell that this is a surprise brunch for mom. Yes, give her some chills this Mother's Day. Finish this lovely brunch off with a beautiful gift for mom, a handwritten bracelet, a cool scarf, a pair of shoes, or anything she loves.

    Gift Basket

    In case you are quarantining away from your family during this world pandemic and can't make it to drive home to your mom, you can always have a gift basket delivered to her. A gift basket is an even better surprise for mom as she won't know what's coming - literally! A gift basket can contain a couple of things that should only be in her list of faves. Include her favorite bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, a beautifully branded mug or glass with a personalized message, other party gifts, a card, and a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Ensure the flowers are artificial so she can keep them for longer.

    While your mom will appreciate a card from the shops, it would be even more meaningful if she can see your handwriting saying heartfelt loving words to her. If you don't have the time to create a photo album, then a card works just fine. You can have a photo of you and mom on one page of the card and a handwritten message on the second page. If it's tri-fold, then get more creative with decorations.

    boy writing a note to mom

    DIY Gift Card

    Sometimes, I feel challenged to come up with the perfect gift for my mom. If you feel like your mom already has so much, a gift card or coupon is the best way to go. For mother's day, send her a virtual or physical gift card from any reputable retail store and have her purchase what she desires most. This gift will truly make her happy. In case you don't have the perfect gift, get a gift card, because let's be honest, we've all wished (at some point) that some of the money spent on food and other gifts for us would have been given to us to spend on different needs, right?

    Keeping Mother's Day Memorable

    You want mom always to remember the fantastic effort you make on Mother's Day each year. But how can you achieve that? While edibles are yummy - and oh so nicely filling - buying tangible assets such as paintings, dolls, vases, and jewelry is a much better option. These are things a mother can keep for years without them expiring or going bad. Now, every time she wears it or sees it in her living room, she'll always think about you and smile. These smiles are the kind of blessings we need each day. Keep the gifts personalized so she can feel the sincere effort and immense love.

    Are you looking to throw an unforgettable Mother's Day party but not sure where to begin? Contact us today, and we would come to your rescue.

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