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How to Throw a First Birthday Party?

Your little one's first birthday party is something you never want to forget. It marks their first year of life and your first year as a parent. We are here to help you make that special day unforgettable and to make planning for it as easy as possible. You've surely got a lot on your plate as a new parent and you don't need any extra stress. 


So without further ado, here are 10 tips to help you plan a fabulous party that your little ones friends and their parents can enjoy. 


Choose the perfect theme for your party

Kids love theme parties plus they give parents a fun and festive way to decorate and dress up for the big day. Some themes for little kids could include a unicorn party, a princess party, an underwater mermaid party, a Frozen themed party, a Sesame Street party....the list goes on! Think about which movies or toys your little one is totally obsessed about and go from there. 

One way to really create the environment of your theme is to hang up themed balloon garlands. Some ideas include a unicorn party garland, a Frozen ice princess garland, a mermaid garland, or a sonic balloon garland

If going all out with a theme is a little too stressful, then keep it simple and just decide on a colour combination and hang up some little decorations around your venue like these balloon bouquets. If you're not a theme person at all, then skip it. Your baby won't remember it. Their first birthday party is mainly for the parents anyways. 


Pick a date and time

You'll usually want to decide the date of the party at least a month in advance so that your guests can save the date in their calendars. Since your little guests and the birthday child usually have an afternoon nap, then it might be best to schedule the party to either be before that nap or after it. Otherwise, you'll risk having a bunch of hungry and tired little kids there which is no fun for anyone!

Find the right location

Whether you want to host the party at your home, in your backyard, a park or at a specific birthday party venue, it's important to choose the location that is best for you and that is kid-friendly and baby-proofed. If the weather permits it, opt for an outdoor location which might be easier to manage.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow First Birthday Party | New Orleans, Louisiana |  Wedding Planning & Design | The Graceful Host

Send out your invitations

Once you've decided on your date, time, theme and location, it's time to send out the invites to your friends, family and the parents of your kids friends. Add a photo of your child to the invitation and don't forget to include all of the important details. if you know how to work photoshop, here are some templates you could work with.

2,818 1st Birthday Invitation Stock Illustrations, Cliparts and Royalty  Free 1st Birthday Invitation Vectors

Plan some party games or activities

Planning some easy activities for one year old's is a nice way to keep everyone entertained for the duration of the party. Keep it simple though since too elaborate activities might cause the kiddos (and the parents) to feel overwhelmed and get frustrated. One idea is to have the older kids take charge of games and activities.

Get all the necessary supplies early

You'll want to stock up a party tableware, utensils, napkins, paper towels and hygiene products like trash bags, wipes and cleaning sprays. Make sure you have enough of everything before the party and don't leave supply shopping for the last minute. Little Masha's sunshine first birthday party – Confetti Fair

Pre-order a custom-made birthday cake

Smash cakes are loved by both the baby and the parents. They also make for some adorable photos. If you want to go with a custom design, make sure to pre-order your cake so that it arrives in time for your party. For some smash cake ideas have a look here

You can also order another cake or cupcakes for everyone else to enjoy. Cake Smash Photos - Sam's 1st Birthday - Weddings & Portraits - Michael  Love Photography

Prep food and drinks in advance

Prep all of the snacks and drinks in advance so that you can enjoy the party and relax. 

Don't stress if your kiddo isn't enjoying the party

Things don't always go as planned when you're dealing with many babies and toddlers, that's totally normal! 

Don't forget to take pictures

To ensure that you capture all of the sweet moments, ask a few of the other parents attending to take photos of some special moments.

The Ultimate 1st Birthday Party Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time should a 1st birthday party be?
  • Since little kids usually have a set nap-time around midday, then it might be best to schedule the party either before the nap (around 10am) or after the nap (around 4pm). 

  • How long should a 1 year old birthday party be?
  • Little kids often tire quickly so around 1-3 hours seems to be a good timeframe.

  • How can I celebrate my baby's 1st birthday?
  • You can organize a birthday party with friends, family and some of the baby's friends. 

  • What is the best way to have a 1st birthday party?
  • That depends on your baby and his/her personality, the season and what type of a party you're comfortable with planning. The best way is whatever is best for you!

  • Why do we celebrate first birthday?
  • A baby's first birthday party is a huge milestone! It marks their first year of life and the beginning of toddlerhood. It might also mark your and your partner's first year as a parent. 

  • How much should you spend on a first birthday party?
  • That's up to you and how big of a party you plan but the typical amount seems to range from 200-300 dollars including all food, decorations, supplies and activity costs. 

  • How do you celebrate a girl's first birthday?
  • A little girls's birthday party can include themes like a princess party, a unicorn party or any theme that your daughter loves. 

  • How do you celebrate a boy's first birthday?
  • A little boy's first birthday can be celebrated in many ways. You can choose a theme like cars, Sesame Street, animals or anything that your child loves. 

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