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taking photos at a party

How to take Better Photos at your Party on a Budget

Birthdays and anniversaries are one of the most remarkable occasions that call for a celebration. And while you are dancing, celebrating, and having fun with your loved ones, one thing you should never forget is the photography part. Believe us; birthday party photography isn't as a piece of cake as it may seem. These celebrations involve endlessly moving around while taking care of smaller details, and in this process, you may end up capturing low-quality photos.


Another thing is you don't have to rely on the photographer every time and break your bank to get it right. Now you must be thinking, so what are the options left? Well, fear not! At Shimmer & Confetti, we are blessed to have been part of many parties and occasions. As experienced professionals, we believe we can guide and help you. For that reason, we have compiled a few ideas to help you take the best pictures that will be cherished forever.


Grab your iPhone or Smartphone

iPhones are a great device for snapping pictures at a birthday party. It's excellent hardware and easy enough for anyone to use. You can work around the device, and here are the ways how it can help you:


  • Use different settings to capture memorable moments.

To tell the story of an event such as a birthday party, you should capture it beautifully with different scenery settings. You may use and explore other options as it's easy to catch small details and larger crowds without missing a beat.


  • Try to keep the sun behind you.

If the birthday party is planned outdoors, then to get some creative shots in the sun – we recommend keeping the sun behind you. This is the easiest way to ensure that your photos are not over or underexposed. It will help you during the editing phase as you will have a lot less editing to do if you pay attention to the light source.


  • Selfie sticks

    Selfie sticks aren't just for selfies. You can use them to capture the wide angles from new perspectives. It is beneficial to capture crowds of people at fun-filled events such as birthday party events with unique and beautiful decorations.


  • Use Burst mode for capturing dynamic scenes.

Burst modes are indispensable when capturing fast action in photos. It is great when everyone is moving, even the special moments at birthday parties and showers. You can use the burst mode so you don't miss anything.


  • Use night mode.

The night mode will turn on in low-light situations automatically. It uses a combination of behind-the-scenes tools to make low lights appear brighter.


Explore editing software

It goes without saying that not every clicked photo is going to be perfect and excellent. It might be that once you come back and look over the photos, you will find that pictures are flawed in some or the other way. But don't worry! A little editing through the software can go a long way in making the right birthday party photos gorgeous and perfect. You can find several free software online or apps to download.


Desktop editing app

One of the best editing software is GIMP, and guess what – it is FREE to use!

  • With Gimp, you can play out with the contrast to bring out the colors or use the filter to change the atmosphere. The possibilities are endless.
  • It is faster to download and set up and does eat away the precious image on your hard drive and RAM.
  • It has been designed and built with digital photography in mind, so it's highly user-friendly and easy to learn.
  • It is a customizable and flexible interface – you can easily move and push away the tools and areas that are not required. This is wonderful as you can keep only those things you need at the moment, which will also help you speed up the workflow. It is flexible to suit your needs and allows you to recreate shortcuts that suit you.


iPhone and Android editing apps

We thought we suggest several amazing FREE apps for your phone so that you can easily edit your snaps!

  • YouCam Perfect– It is one of the best ones in the industry! With options such as filters, effects, object removal, frames, collages, templates, stickers, and so much more, you will be amazed by all the opportunities.
  • VSCO – Amazing for filters! In this app, you can get stunning editing results with a vast selection of professional-looking filters.
  • Snapseed – Looking for a fast way to edit? This free app is your ticket to quick and easy touch-ups. Plus, you get to create your own presets and even save them for future photos.


Furthermore, you can use your phone's in-built settings to edit your photos, like color grading, adjusting the contrast, the light, and various filters!


Printing your photos on a canvas

We are sure that your birthday party is going to have a plethora of iconic moments! So why not print the best photos on canvas and treasure them as lovely keepsakes? You can even gift these prints to members of your family! In essence, these photos will become a cherished part of your home decor that will remind you of the beautiful memories.

There are a ton of online services for printing which makes the whole process easier and cost-effective. Some of them include


  • Mixbook
  • CanvasPop
  • Snapfish
  • Easy Canvas Prints
  • Great Big Canvas
  • Shutterfly


We hope that this has proved to be valuable for you! If yes, don't forget to share and pin this article!


At Shimmer & Confetti, we have an eye and creative passion for making the occasions truly memorable. We love to share smiles with our clients and make the most of them by offering uniquely designed birthday party supplies, balloon garlands, and decor for special occasions. If you are moms or decorators planning to host a party and are looking for great ideas and themes, let us know. We would genuinely love to be part of your special occasion and adorn your party! For more inspiration, stay on our blog.

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