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Christmas essentials

10 Christmas decorations to spice up your home

If you’re a little on the sentimental side (like us!), you probably return to the same holiday decorations every year. There’s nothing wrong with returning to the classics, after all! And it’s a great way to incorporate old Christmas memories.

However… There’s nothing wrong with bringing in some new memories, too!

You can add something extra to your home, parties, and gifting with a few simple changes. You can make room for the new without losing any of your longtime favorites.

If you feel stuck in a rut with your décor, gifting, or entertainment supplies this year, we’ve got you covered! These are our top 10 essentials to renovate your holidays, while still keeping your old favorites around!

  1. Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

    Anyone who grew up with a Christmas tree at the holidays has fond memories of decorating it, but stringing the lights on isn’t exactly fun!

    If you’ve had one too many holidays when untangling lights – or even worse, finding that one bulb is ruining a whole strand – a pre-lit tree could be a game-changer! We especially love the look of these pre-flocked trees, which bring a little wintertime frost into your home.

  2. Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Christmas Balloon

    Once you’ve taken the stress out of lighting the tree, you can focus on the fun part: ornaments!

    Lots of people have ornaments with a history that they love to put on their tree every year. Whether you have some of these already, or you want to start collecting favorites you use year after year, personalized ornaments are a must. Not only do they look beautiful on your tree, they also add a personal touch that you’ll love to see year after year.

    These also make amazing, easy Christmas gifts for friends, family, and co-workers!

  3. Monogrammed Quilted Velvet Holiday Stockings

    Quilted Velvet Holiday Stockings

    You’ve got to make sure the gifts are being left in the right stockings, right?!

    While you can get stockings from almost any store’s holiday section in winter, taking the time to buy a beautiful, personalized set for you and your family will make Christmas morning even better. These velvet stockings have a beautiful quilted texture that will look gorgeous over your fireplace, and who can say no to embroidered monograms?

  4. Christmas Door Mat

    Christmas Door Mat

    A must for anyone who lives somewhere snowy, but also a simple way to add a little Christmas cheer outside your home!

    While we love going all out during Christmas, we also love incorporating minimalistic styles into décor and gifting. This doormat will give you and your guests a simple touch of holiday cheer when entering your home!

  5. Embroidered Linen Table Runner

    Embroidered Linen Table Runner

    Whether you’re entertaining, or just want to add a little something to your everyday holiday décor, a table runner makes your tableware shine!

    A little more understated than a tablecloth, but an elegant addition to your meal, this runner will look perfect next to your holiday feasts! We especially love the idea of incorporating different colors with your tableware. White plates will bring out the green, red, and brown – or you could pick one of those three colors to highlight it!

    Or of course, there’s always the standby of silver or gold, for a little extra sparkle!

  6. Christmas Balloon Garland

    Christmas Balloon Garland

    Holiday decorations can be stressful, but they don’t always have to be!

    This balloon garland comes together in a snap, and looks dazzling – especially next to any Christmas lights you have up! While it’s an amazing addition to any parties, it’s also a great option as a backdrop for photographs for Christmas cards! We’d love to see the whole family gathered under this arch.

  7. Cookie Cutter Advent Calendar

    Cookie Cutter Advent Calendar

    Gift to someone else, or to yourself, because who doesn’t love cookies?

    This advent calendar gives you a new shape every day of the Christmas season. It’s a great prompt to keep up with the holiday baking that everyone looks forward to – the only danger is that you might not be able to stop baking whenever you get a fun new shape!

  8. Holiday Cookie Jar

    Holiday Cookie Jar

    You need somewhere to put all those cookies, right?

    This beautiful jar keeps your cookies fresh while adding a little extra love to your kitchen counter. If you’re gifting it, you could even include some cookies inside when you wrap it up for an extra surprise!

  9. Christmas Candles

    Christmas Candles

    Scented candles are everywhere during Christmas, but if you’re tired of getting the same old scents, these are for you!

    We love buying things like candles from Etsy sellers, who have put so much time and effort into their products. You can usually find classic holiday scents like Candy Cane and Gingerbread, but how about Frankincense & Myrrh? These are another idea that you can use for your home, or for gifting!

  10. Gift Bags

    Christmas Gift Bags

    While we love a satisfyingly-wrapped gift box as much as anyone… Gift bags are obviously the way to go!

    Not only do they save you on wrapping time, they also save the person you’re gifting to the trouble of dealing with bulky wrapping paper after unwrapping. Not to mention, we all have that friend who loves to save beautiful gift bags. Or maybe we ARE that friend! Hey, there’s no shame in recycling, especially if the bags are as cute as these!

You can use these for gifts, or for favors and treats you give out at holiday parties. The simple design will make whatever you’re gifting look beautiful!


Those are our top 10 favorite additions to your holiday decorations and gifts!

Did we miss any of your favorite ways to celebrate? Let us know in the comments below!

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