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Custom Balloon Garland & Arch kiit

All About Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kits: Choosing Colors to Match Your Party Theme Perfectly

Have you ever planned a party and had a clear and specific vision for your party decorations? You ordered your party invitations and birthday cake first and scoured the internet for a pre-packed balloon garland kit that would match your party invitations and cake, but none ticked the boxes.


travel airplane birthday party decorations with red balloon garland for a boy 1st birthday


Perhaps your little one wanted a jungle safari party, and the balloon garland kits you found needed to be greener or contained no giant balloons. Or you wanted a balloon arch and garland kit with retro shades of blue and green balloons (think storm blue and retro sage green colors) in a specific mix, but the only available kits were in a combination of royal blue and pastel green. Nice, but just different from what you wanted, right?


If any of this describes your current situation, a fully customizable luxury, professional, organic, custom DIY balloon arch kit is just what you need!


custom DIY balloon


I've been there myself and can tell you from my experience that searching for the perfect pre-packed balloon garland kit can be frustrating. So, when I discovered custom DIY balloon garland kits, I felt so much joy and relief. A la carte balloon kits (as I like to call them) are a thing! Did you know this? And in 2023, they are going to become even more popular.

 Beautiful balloon garland

While I still love and use pre-packed balloon garland kits for my parties, I love the freedom that custom balloon garland kits give me, and I have found that I enjoy planning my kids' parties so much more when I incorporate custom balloon garlands.


For my daughter's 1st birthday, I found the cutest party invitations for her "Wild One" themed party on Etsy. The invitations were white with some sage green leaves and touches of blue slate, gold, and light pink. It took me such a long time to find the perfect invitations that fit her party theme and were girly too!

Wild One

Source: JermolinaArt


Using a custom balloon garland kit, I built a DIY balloon garland kit containing those exact colors. Best of all, I could specify that I wanted lots of sage, less white, slate, and pink, and with a splash of gold. Genius, right? When I was done, the balloon garland looked almost professionally done - if I may say so myself :)


If you've never ordered a custom balloon garland kit before, think of it like ordering pick-n-mix candy at the candy shop. It's easy to order a custom DIY balloon garland kit. Below are the steps:


How to Order a Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kit in Four Steps

  1. Choose the length of your balloon garland. If you are unsure of the length you need, don’t worry. Here’s an infographic to help you decide:
Infographic of Balloon Garland
  1. Choose your colors. There are so many available colors to choose from these days. 
  2. Include any additional notes. For example, for my daughter's first birthday, my notes said, "lots of sage, less white, slate, and pink, and with a splash of gold."
  3. Add to cart and checkout.


Alternatively, if you do not want to build your kit yourself, you may send your inspiration picture to the shop, and they'll work with you to pick the most suitable colors and suggest color splits that work for you.


boho gray blush sand stone white balloon garland with outdoor teepee for girls 1st birthday party decorations and supplies


Popular Party Themes

If you are throwing a party and have a theme, but are struggling with choosing colors, here are some of my favorite party themes and my color choice suggestions:

  1. Boho Daisy or Sunflower Theme: choose mustard, sand, and white
  2. Two Groovy Theme: choose pastel pink, rosewood, sand, with a splash of white
  3. Princess Party Theme: choose peach blush, pearl peach, pearl white, and baby pink
  4. Wonder Woman Theme - choose burgundy, navy blue, and gold or bright red, royal blue, and gold
  5. Unicorn Birthday Theme - choose pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel blue, pastel green, and chrome gold
  6. Girl Boho Theme - choose rosewood, pastel pink, mocha, and blush
  7. Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme - choose pastel blue (or pastel pink for a girl), blush, mocha, and sand
  8. Boy Jungle Safari Theme - choose sage, sand, and chrome gold
  9. Girl Jungle Safari Theme - choose pastel pink, sage, blush, chrome gold
  10. Spiderman, Sonic, Action Figure Theme - choose bright red, royal blue and white/black
  11. Mickey Mouse Theme - choose bright red, white, and black
  12. Minnie Mouse Theme - choose bubblegum pink, black and white or bubble gum & passion pinks, black and white.




You can thank me later!


Now that I've put you on to custom DIY balloon kits, will you order one for your next party? If so, please let me know in the comments below. I'll be reading and may even drop by to offer some help if you need assistance choosing colors :)

farm animal girl first birthday party with pink, purple white balloon garland
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