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The 10 Most Magical Unicorn Cake Ideas on Pinterest

The 10 Most Magical Unicorn Cake Ideas on Pinterest

Your little girl's birthday is coming up. You have purchased all the unicorn party decorations - balloons, tableware, party bags. 

If you haven't, here are a few options:

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You even have the cake table decor all set and ready to go. Feel free to shop our unicorn party supplies collection. 

shimmer and confetti

 All that's left is the cake. The almighty unicorn cake! You want something unique, beautiful, soft, delicate, whimsical, magical and colorful, all wrapped in one.

You are going to absolutely love these magical unicorn cake ideas that we have gathered up to share with you today. We at Shimmer and Confetti cannot get enough of the unicorn trend. We hope it lasts forever!

So, fittingly, we have created this list of the most dazzling and incredible unicorn cakes we found on Pinterest. I'm guessing we may need to do an 'edit' every 6 months because we have an ever-growing list of talented cake decorators on Pinterest!

This list has everything from kids birthday cakes to baby shower cakes, incredibly decorated cakes, & more! We stay always amazed at the talented hands and minds of these cake decorators! In no particular order...

1. Unicorn Drip Cake with Meringue Wings

Unicorn Drip Cake with Meringue Wings - Cake by Veronica Arthur of With Love & Confection. My version of the ever so popular Unicorn cake with meringue kisses and MERINGUE WINGS! White chocolate drip painted in gold luster. Cake is 4 layers of unicorn swirl and iced in buttercream. BTW- I made this cake just for fun but it sold the next day after I posted it on facebook ;)

Baker: With Love & Confection, Veronica Arthur
Details: Cake is 4 layers of unicorn swirl and iced in buttercream. Meringue kisses and meringue wings. White chocolate drip painted in gold luster.
Repins: 86k

2. Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Rainbow Unicorn Cake, Unicorn Cupcakes, Unicorn Cake Pops & Unicorn Cookies

Details: Unicorn-theme birthday cake, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and doughnuts
Repins: 15k

3. Hand-Painted Unicorn Head

Unicorn Cake

Baker: Nasa Mala Zavrzlama
Details: Girl's birthday cake with 2d hand painted unicorn head
Repins: 1k

4. Unicorn Fondant Cake

Unicorn fondant cake

Baker: Jesi Hector Cake Artisan
Details: Unicorn fondant cake for Elena's 7th birthday with rainbow and baby unicorn detailing
Repins: 5k

5. Unicorn Rainbow Dripcake 

Baker: One by One Cakes
Details: 1st birthday cake with buttercream icing and meringue sea shell details. White chocolate drip
Repins: 539

6. Unicorn Rainbow Cake

unicorn rainbow cake

Baker: Dolce Dita
Details: What is better than one unicorn? Two sleeping unicorns!!
Repins: 1k

7. Unicorn 2-Tier Cake

#Repost @annabelle_josephine ・・・ Who can say NO to this cute unicorn cake? By the one and only @cforcupcakes I only told the owner that the theme is unicorn, and the team made it into such details, including Annabelle's brown hair riding a sparkly unicorn with a cute crown the detail is so superb and adorable, we couldn't be more grateful, thank you so much auntie Lala, @cforcupcakes and all the team who have made this dreamy dreamy cake that every mommy wanted! #twopr...

Baker: CforCupcakes
Details: Unicorn 2-tier cake for Annabelle, with Annabelle riding a sparkly unicorn with a cute crown
Repins: 4k

8. Unicorn 4-Tier Cake

 two magical unicorn cake

Baker: Ana Brum Biscuit
Details: 4-tier cake with fondant icing
Repins: 2k

9. Unicorn Buttercream Cake

A unicorn cake is always a good idea! Good morning! * * For customised cake orders, email us at * *…

Baker: Little House of Dreams
Details: Unicorn cake with horn detail and buttercream rainbow icing
Repins: 8k

10. Rainbow Dripcake

Beautiful Cake

Baker: Unknown
Details: Rainbow dripcake with gold lustre detailing
Repins: 15k

If you decide to make your own unicorn cake, our unicorn cake decorating kit will help you turn your sponge cake into a unicorn cake masterpiece in a few minutes! 

Planning a unicorn-theme party? Order all the supplies you need here at Shimmer and Confetti and don't forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook. Stay tuned on our blog or follow us on Pinterest for more party inspiration.



Susan | Shimmer & Confetti - November 9, 2022

Hey Adelaida,
That’s a great question. We are a party decorations and balloons store. We do not make cakes, unfortunately. The cakes shown above are for inspiration only. You may click on the cake titles and it should take you to the cake decorator’s social media page.

Hope this helps!

Ariyanna - November 9, 2022

This is fun

Adelaida - November 9, 2022

How do I create my own birthday designs?

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