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Shop your custom balloon garland kits here.
Perfect Pastel Party Ideas

Perfect Pastel Party Ideas

Pastels are so trendy right now. Especially this deep into summer, we all cannot get enough of this color scheme. 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or a baby shower, pastels are one of the most popular color schemes at the moment. Part of what makes pastels so popular during the summer is its association with some on the summer's hottest themes/trends - ice cream, rainbows, unicorns, donuts!

This blog post is going to show you how to throw the prettiest and colorful pastel party with our gorgeous pastel perfection party supplies.

They’re super stylish and made for mixing and matching – so read on and use our pastel party ideas as inspiration for your own party!


How to plan the perfect pastel party

Choose a color scheme

The first step towards planning your perfect pastel paradise party is choosing a color scheme. Choose a couple of anchor colors, then add a splash of white or gold to elevate your party to elegantly colorful. Pastel pink and gold is one of our favorite combos at the moment.

A more interesting alternative to choosing a color scheme would be to pick a pastel party theme and run with it. Here are some of the most deliciously trendy pastel themes:

Ice cream or sprinkles party

The next best thing to ice cream is an actual ice cream party! Who doesn't love the promise of endless servings of ice creams at an ice-cream decorated venue?

We love this theme because it fits easily into the paster color mood, is colorful, and would get everyone (yes, everyone!) excited.

Mint green and gold

What about mint green and gold? Mint green is one of those colors that is naturally and effortlessly pastel. No matter the celebration, this gorgeous color scheme will make your pastel party beautiful! Begin by adding these plates, cups, and napkins.

mint and green decoration

One of the reasons we love a pastel party theme is that it’s hard to go wrong with it – whichever pastel plates, cups, and napkins you choose, it is quite easy to glam them up and make them look coordinated. Gold and white matching products help with coordination and harmonizing your color scheme. These gold and white polka dot party bags will match whichever pastel color scheme you choose!

White and Gold Party Bags

Pick your partyware and decorate it!

When it comes to decorations, less is more here too. Blocks of white will really make your pastel-colored decorations stand out.

Confetti balloons

We are definitely still also obsessed with confetti balloons! Choose a color that matches the rest of your party, then blow them up with helium to make a statement!  

Something about the richness of the gold and silver oozes glam and elegance!

Want other colors? Peek into our confetti balloon collection and pick a couple of colors!

You could even serve a selection of sweet treats in cute polka dot food trays (which are also available in a sprinkles design!)


The finishing touches

Add some finishing touches to your pastel perfection party. This 15-foot true pastel balloon garland is the perfect decor focal point. It can be used to decorate your dessert table or be used to create an ice-cream stand. Either way, your guests will be drawn to this centerpiece. Expect large crowds here. It is too pretty to ignore!


And there you have it – your adorable pastel party is complete! Find all the Pastel Perfection party supplies featured in this post on Shimmer and Confetti. Stay on our blog for more inspiring party ideas!

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