Our Simple, Modern Take on the No-Sew Tulle Table Skirt

This blog post will teach you how to make a "No-Sew" Tulle Table Skirt to add that extra touch of glam to your next party. It will definitely get the guests talking and send loads of compliments your way. And the best part? You do not need any prior craft or sewing experience or expertise! It is honestly very simple!

Shimmer and Confetti DIY unicorn balloon arch garland

Today, we were making preparations for a photo shoot for our newest product, our 155pc Unicorn Balloon Garland Kit. We wanted to showcase the product - the balloons - and did not want to have too much going on, to distract our customers from the balloons that we were showcasing. 

However, we also wanted decor that would complement the balloons. As a work-from-home mum, the design had to be simple, yet elegant. So I set about making this tulle table skirt. A tulle table skirt is perfect as it gives a princess-ey feel to the dessert table.

You can make it more glam or tone it down depending on your preference. For example, you could make it gold and white, pink and white, or pink, purple, blue and white in the colors of our Unicorn balloon set.

Shimmer and Confetti DIY unicorn balloon arch garland


Thanks to Amazon Prime, we received all our items on the same day!



Lay the tablecloth on the table. Make sure to iron out any creases. Then, wrap the elastic around the top edges of the table. Make a knot at the back where the two ends meet.

Shimmer and Confetti DIY unicorn balloon arch garland

Using the safety pins, secure the elastic to the tablecloth in various spots along the edges of the table. This is important to ensure the elastic does not come off when you are decorating with the tulle.

To make the table skirt, you will need to cut your rolls of tulle into strips. Each strip should be twice the height of your table. My table is 30 inches high so I am using 60-inch strips of tulle. 

Fold one strip of tulle in half pass it over the tulle, into the space between the tulle and the tablecloth.

 Shimmer and Confetti DIY unicorn balloon arch garland

Pick up the tails of the tulle and pass it through the loop.

Pull on the tails of the tulle, as if you were knotting a necktie. Make the knot as small or big as you want. Note that large knots would result in you needing less tulle.

 Shimmer and Confetti DIY unicorn balloon arch garland

Attach the remaining strips of tulle till you have fully covered your table's sides. You can cover only 3 sides if you will be placing your table against a wall.

 Shimmer and Confetti DIY unicorn balloon arch garland

Using your low-temperature glue gun, attach the garland to the knots of the tulle around the table's top edge. You can do this for all visible sides/edges. Ensure you press the garland on until the glue is dried.

Shimmer and Confetti DIY unicorn balloon arch garland

Give yourself a pat on the back. Your DIY project is complete! Take a moment to admire your creation. Now, fill the table with all the goodies you want and have lots of fun at your party!

 shimmer and confetti tulle table skirt DIY

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Shimmer and Confetti DIY unicorn balloon arch garland



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