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Shop your custom balloon garland kits here.
Shop your custom balloon garland kits here.
Introduction to Shimmer and Confetti

Introduction to Shimmer and Confetti

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our blog – Shimmer and Confetti.

Our goal is to provide adults and kids alike with the perfect party accessories to glam up every special day. Our maiden product range is the Pre-filled confetti balloons. Confetti, balloons and bright-colored ribbons…these are a few of our favorite things! Glam up your wedding or party with these all-new balloons.


What makes our balloons unique?

Our balloons are made from the latest balloon technology which ensures that they are perfectly round for that unique touch to your event. Our jumbo latex balloons measure 36” when filled with air and helium.

Also, they come pre-filled with confetti. Choose from the following 5 colors to enable coordination with other party decorations and supplies:

  1. Gold Foil Confetti
  2. Silver Foil Confetti
  3. Rose Gold Foil Confetti
  4. Baby Blue Foil Confetti
  5. Multicolour Foil Confetti

 Each pack comes with:

  1. 5 perfectly round, clear, high quality 36" latex balloons (latex balloons) pre-filled with mylar foil confetti of your choice
  2. 5 clear, high quality 12" latex balloons pre-filled with foil confetti of your choice
  3. 5 high quality matching 12" latex balloons
  4. Matching 10m curling ribbon


Happy decorating and partying!


Lots of love,

From the Shimmer and Confetti team!

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