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Shop Custom Balloon Garland Details | Buy Now and Pay Later with Klarna Details
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How to…….store un-inflated balloons so they last

Our balloons are so gorgeous, that you will want to buy, buy and buy some more! Once you are done decorating, you may have some balloons left over. Fear not though, as this blog post is dedicated to ensuring that your balloons last till your next event and beyond.
  • Balloons should be stored away from heat, light and exposure to the air.
  • Freezing: Freezing works to preserve balloons. Balloons preserved this way may last beyond 5 years. However, please note that you should not allow too many temperature changes to the balloons though, which may lead to a different outcome. Of course, the initial quality of your balloons is of huge significance!


Balloons may be stored in a stand-alone freezer or in the freezer section of the refrigerator.

  • Storing in the Refrigerator: Balloons may be stored in the refrigerator. In this case, and in the above case too, you should give your balloons time to naturally warm to room temperature before inflating. Cold balloons may burst upon inflating due to their rigidity. If storing in a fridge, you may store in the vegetable section/drawer compartment.
  • Car: Now, this is not a good place to store your balloons, especially in the warmer months and for long periods of time. Try to avoid keeping your balloons in the car for long periods. Be sure to take them out first when unpacking and put them in last when packing up.
  • To get the longest life out of your latex balloons, they should be stored away from extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and away from light. 
  • If like I often have, you have made the mistake of exposing your balloon to very warm temperatures for a long time, you could put the bags in the fridge or freezer to have them cool down, then use once they have cooled.


Easy peasy, right? Yes! So have fun ballooning in great health! 

If you have any other hints and tips for storing balloons we would love to hear about them. Please leave them down below in the comments.

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