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12 Ideas for the Perfect Princess Party

12 Ideas for the Perfect Princess Party

Is your little one’s birthday coming up and is she a huge princess fan? Princess parties are a dream come true for any young girl and a timeless classic. Who doesn’t want to dress up as a princess for a day?


Princess parties are a great theme idea for young girls aged 2-10 or any child who says they want to grow up to be a princess! Create a magical princess party of your little one with these tips.


1. Pick a Specific Princess Theme

Is your child obsessed with Elsa from Frozen, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty or maybe Ariel from Little Mermaid? Whoever her favourite princess is, you can decide to decorate your home according to the specific princess movie and have the birthday girl dress up as the main character. Guests can dress up as other characters from the film.


2. Come Up With a Party Checklist

Planning a birthday party takes a lot of work and it’s always a good idea to get a head start so that you don’t need to rush at the last minute. Lock in your date, decide on your venue and think about what you need for the party. Putting together a party checklist could be helpful too.


3. Create Printable Invitations

You can get all of your guests excited about the birthday party weeks before by sending out customized princess party invitations. This will also help your guests and their parents decide how they want to dress for the party. You can get invite ideas here.


4. Decorate Your Party Table

The party table should represent the theme and make every girl, especially the birthday girl, feel like a princess. You can choose special tableware such as paper cups, paper plates, utensils, napkins, paper straws, table centrepieces, tablecloths and little table decorations. Have a look at some ideas here.


5. Decorate Your Home

Decorating your home is the perfect way to bring in the right atmosphere and to set a festive mood. You can put a balloon garland on your front door or in your backyard and decorate your whole house and yard with princess balloons.

Need some ideas? Check out the balloon garlands here for unicorn, mermaid and other princess decorations. Alternatively, you can also make your own DIY balloon garlands. Hanging up letter or number shaped balloons to spell out the name of your child and their age is also another idea.

You can also add flowers and candles and sprinkle glitter around the house to create a royal atmosphere suitable for a princess!

Another idea is to create a gorgeous backdrop with a balloon garland. This will help you snap some Instagram-worthy photos!


6. Plan Some Princess-Themed Party Games and Activities

Planning a fun activity for all of the guests is the perfect way to create a memorable party. Kids can get restless pretty easily so keeping them entertained and making sure everyone is having fun, is a good idea! Some activities you can plan include dress up, Hide and Seek with Cindarella’s slipper, Freeze game, musical thrones (instead of musical chairs), karaoke to your princess movie’s songs (for example belting out “Let it go”), a quiz on how much the kids know about the movie and any other creative ideas that you come up with!



7. Create a Crown Making Station

Princesses need their crowns or tiaras! Why not set up a crown making station so that each child can make their own crown or tiara? You can also get a box of beads (or candy) for kids to make their own bracelets and necklaces. This activity will keep the party guests entertained for a long time and it’ll allow them to walk away from the party with memorable souvenirs.


8. Serve Food for Princesses

Decide whether you want to host the party during lunch time, the afternoon or in the evening. This will help you decide on what food to offer. You can also follow your theme and order food fit for a princess such as pink drinks, princess cupcakes, crown shaped sandwiches and much more.


9. Get a Special Birthday Cake

Most cake shops and bakeries have the option of pre-ordering personalized cakes. You can submit a princess design to them and pre-order a special cake for your daughter’s birthday.



10. Put on a Princess Playlist

Find the playlist from your princess movie and have that playing in the background. Kids (and even parents) can also sing and dance along to the songs.


11. Give Your Guests Little Party Favour Bags

Giving your guests party favour bags is a cute little way to thank everyone for coming and to give them something to remember the party by. For a princess party you can look into making your own princess party favour bags complete with items from your princess theme.




12. Don’t Forget to Take Photos

You’ll want to remember this special day in your daughter’s life, so make sure you take some photos of the birthday bash. You can even have the photos printed and create a little photo album.



Throwing a princess party is the perfect way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday. Have fun decorating your house, planning the party and enjoy the celebration!

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