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Throwing a Gender Reveal party

Throwing a Gender Reveal party

Ideas to make your party fun

We, at Shimmer and Confetti, love gender reveal parties. They are so exciting and fun way to find out (along with close friends and family) whether you are having a boy or a girl. However, hosting or throwing a gender reveal party is a bit of work, and if you have never done this before, it can be overwhelming. In this post, we will give you some ideas on how to throw a fun-tastic gender reveal party.



Some parents or planners opt for themed gender reveal parties. This is a fun way to get your guests excited about and involved in the gender reveal party. Are you considering a theme for your party? If so, the following types of themes may inspire you:

  1. Holiday theme - It is currently Pumpkin season. If you are considering a gender reveal party this month, you may choose a pumpkin-inspired theme. Other fun holiday themes are Easter (with Easter eggs, yum!), St. Patrick's Day and Christmas.
  2. Pirates vs. Mermaid/Princess theme - There are tons and tons of ideas on Pinterest for this theme. 
  3. Ties and Tutus theme



Of course, no party is complete without balloons. Our confetti filled helium balloons make a great addition to any gender reveal party. They may be used to decorate the event. For example, the left side of the party room may be decorated pink and gold, while the right side is decorated blue and silver.

Other ways to incorporate balloons is in the reveal, which we will discuss next..


The Reveal

  1. A fun way to break the news to yourselves (as new parents) and your guests would be to put either of our pink confetti filled helium balloons or our blue confetti filled helium balloons in a box. If you do not know the baby's gender and want to be surprised at the gender reveal party, you may have someone do this for you like your mum, sister or friend (who wouldn't cave in and tell you before the day btw :p). 
  2. Once the box is opened, the chosen balloons will fly out (because they are filled with helium) and soar to the ceiling. If you use our confetti filled helium balloons, they come with complementary curling ribbon which you can attach to the balloons before they are placed in the box. Once the box is opened, the parents to be can latch on to the curling ribbons and take lovely pictures!
  3. Another balloon-styled reveal is to buy a black balloon filled with either blue or pink confetti. Because the balloons are black, the color of the confetti will not be visible from the outside. At the gender reveal party, a simple Pop!will reveal it all! Do not forget the pin though :)
  4. One treat-ey reveal is the cake reveal. Simply ask your baker to bake a cake colored either pink or blue, with thick buttercream frosting around it. Alternatively, the cake may be a chocolate or vanilla sponge cake stuffed with blue or pink colored candy. Once it is time for desserts, hungry tummies, and eager hearts will be satisfied, literally!
  5. Drink your curiosity? These color changing tablets are a fun way to build the anticipation of the reveal as you and your guest wait in anticipation for the answer. Simply put a tablet in water and wait for the color to change.
  6. Pinatas can also be used. I prefer the pull-string ones which pour the gender colored confetti unto the expecting parents and make for such beautiful pictures/keepsakes.



  1. Arguably the best gender-reveal party game is the "guess what we are having" game. Each guest must put their money where their mouth is by deciding prior to the reveal what gender you are having and either wear a colored pin or item of clothing to show what "team" they are on. Colored mocktails served with colorful straws will definitely be a hit at any gender reveal party.
  2. Sonogram Sneak Peak - Invite guests to look at a blown-up copy of your sonogram and guess the baby's gender. Tot up the votes on a blackboard and keep this till the reveal.
  3. Old Wives Quiz - I am sure you have all heard of several old wives' tales regarding pregnancy and determining the babies' gender. This quiz will test our knowledge of these tales, and also cause some of your guests to roll their eyes or laugh out loud. Alternatively, each guest can ask the mum-to-be questions from the quiz and have her answer them as guests try to infer the baby's gender from her answers.



Circus Animal Cupcakes @ House of Yumm

Food is an easy way to tap into or illustrate your gender reveal party theme and make the party more colorful and fun. Colored cookies, cupcakes, and candy are quite popular today. These Circus Animal Cupcakes from House of Yumm look delightful!

Shop our baby shower decorations here. For more inspiration for your gender reveal party and other parties, be sure to check out our blog and subscribe to our newsletter.

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